The REAL Difference Between the LLC and the S-Corp (And Why Everyone Else Has It Wrong)

I have an apology to make, you guys.

To those of you who had an idea. To you who have fallen asleep listening to startup podcasts. You whose search history includes things like “how to start a business in a basement with no money.”

My apology goes out to you on behalf of financial professionals everywhere.

This money stuff is confusing. And I am so, so sorry that we’ve done such a crappy job of explaining it.

I’m here to make it up to you.

In the grand scheme of things, this is my professional life goal. I want to make the wild world of startup finance understandable and easily accessible to you, the entrepreneurs.

In the not-so-grand scheme of things, I just want to be able to simply explain the big questions that you guys have and can’t get a straight answer for.

Arguably, one of the most popular of these questions is, “Should I start an LLC or an S-Corp?”

This question is nonsensical and the video below will start to explain why.

In your defense, the only reason you’re asking this question is because 1) business professionals asked you if you were going to start an LLC or an S-Corp, and 2) those same business professionals filled you with nonsensical information to try and “help,” only confusing the matter.

The madness stops now.

A full video with the REAL explanation of Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, and Corporations can be found here.

This is but a small offering on my journey to make up for all of the financial misinformation that’s out there. Check out the sidebar to follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our email list, and make sure you don’t miss any of my future forms of restitution.

Your Thoughts?